BJ Davis

Choice Theorist



B.J. Davis, Psy.D, LAADAC, has been researching, developing and implementing evidence-based treatment strategies since 2001. He is the executive and clinical director of one of the largest outpatient substance abuse and co-occurring treatment facility in Northern California. He teaches at Alliant International University, and has presented at numerous colleges, professional conferences and clinical trainings on a variety of SUD, mental health, and related topics. His TEDx Talk has over 500,000 views.
Through his years of clinical practice, research, clinical study, and experience,  Dr. Davis has developed a unique approach to substance abuse treatment, known as the Davis Model.  Leveraging the work of William Glasser’s Choice Theory, Dr. Davis has expanded and adapted Glasser’s theories, modifying and combining Glasser’s work with a number of clinical interventions and techniques he has developed. The resulting treatment model has been successfully clinically applied for almost 10 years clinically in a publicly funded outpatient drug/alcohol treatment facility that serves over 500 clients monthly. Over the years, the Davis Model has helped tens of thousands of individuals, and, based upon successful outcomes, has been recognized by California governmental authorities as an effective, evidence-based approach to SUD treatment.
Dr. Davis’ unique approach is often especially helpful for those who have relapsed repeatedly, or have had difficulty finding success with other treatment models. Dr. Davis strongly believes in the value of empowerment, encouraging self-efficacy, and helping the client to find his or her own successes through a series of measurable goals that the client establishes for him or herself.  He firmly believes that clients can learn to manage and control their behaviors with a combination of practical strategies and effective counseling to identify the issues that stand in the way of long-term recovery.
Dr. Davis holds a Psy.D from Alliant International University, and a Masters and Bachelors degree from Sacramento State University.  He has authored scholarly and popular articles, and has developed comprehensive training materials, CEU courses, and curricula for SUD treatment. He and Wholehearted are currently developing a collection of clinical products and materials for use in treatment centers, along with continuing education course materials focused on the Davis Model for SUD treatment. The first of these products are expected to be released in the spring of 2020.