Brain Development & Addiction

Brain Development & Addiction

Course Name: Brain Development & Addiction

Course Subtitle: Addiction & It’s Crucial Relationship to Early Childhood

Presenter: Gabor Maté | M.D.

Publisher: Heartspeak | Recovery Bookstore

Product Type: Professional Education | Continuing Education

Intended Audience: Substance Use Disorder Professionals

C.E. Information: Yes | 2 C.E. Hours

C.E.’S Recognized By: CCAPP | CAMFT

Included Media: Video Presentation | Downloadable Book

Video: 64 Minutes | Presented by Jon Daily

Book: 12 Pages | Full Color | Downloadable .PDF

Publication Date: 2019


The brains of people with substance use disorders (SUDs) are wired differently than those who don’t have SUDs. This happened early in life… but it can be changed, and much of what we as counselors are doing in treatment is teaching clients the tools to “rewire” their brains.

In the video presentation that goes with this guide, Dr. Maté discusses some of the emerging science about brain physiology and addiction, how and why the brains of those struggling with SUDs are different than those who don’t struggle, and how it is possible to “rewire” the brain to permanently change a client’s thinking, cravings and behaviors… and enable those with SUDs to live happy, healthy, normal, effective lives.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, the counselor will be able to:

  • Identify factors and strategies that help to alter/rewire brain biochemistry to reduce risk of relapse
  • Describe the role of trauma and its impact on the risk of substance use disorders later in life
  • Explain how the impulse control system is affected in those with substance use disorders
  • Identify the major neurotransmitter systems associated with substance use disorders