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This unique workshop, also a first-time event, offers professionals a unique opportunity to deepen skills in compassion, attunement, trust building, and reaching even the most challenging clients (including our inner-self). Gabor speaks about the neurobiology of addiction, through the lens of early attachment, bonding, and trauma. Dr. Maté will then will offer practical techniques for creating and enhancing safety with clients. Using compassion as the basis for deep and effective engagement.

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Professional Education | Continuing Education
Psychologist, Counselors, Social Workers, Medical & Mental Health Professionals
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Yes | 8 C.E. Hours
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Video 390 Minutes (2019/2020) 6 Lessons

Course Objectives

Upon completing this CEU course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the three prevailing theories about the origin of addiction
  • Explain the developmental theory of addiction
  • Describe the impact of trauma in development of addiction
  • Name and describe the five levels of compassion
  • Describe what Gabor explains as the key component of ‘safety’ in the therapeutic environment
  • Explain the role of attunement and connection in healing addictive behavior
  • Explain what a “difficult client” tells counselors and therapists about themselves
  • Describe the role of behavior as self-protection