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Group discounts available for organizations and groups that want to purchase more than one user account. E-mail us for details. [email protected]
The team at understands that you might be affected by the current health and economic crisis. We are in this together and we want to help. This is why we have extended the sale price of $199.
To receive additional financial assistance please e-mail us, explain your situation, and tell us how much you can afford to pay – we’re here to help! Please e-mail us at [email protected] 

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Wholehearted strongly believes in Dr. Gabor Maté work. We believe that it has the capacity to change the entire landscape of society: helping families to raise healthy children, reducing the incidence of addiction, delinquency, domestic violence, and disease. We believe that it can profoundly change the life of anyone who invests the time and energy to watch and learn from it.
And so, we want to make it available to everyone that can benefit from it.
That said, producing Gabor’s “Masterclass for Healers”, requires enormous production costs (Gabor and our senior staff donated their time) to bring you the highest quality production, in 4K video, and edited tightly to give you the best material for your time.
For those of you that can afford to pay full price please understand that is run by a small and passionate team. And in order to bring you high quality content that helps people to be their best, and to make the world a better place, we need to be able to pay for the cost of productions like this, so that we can continue making programs like this.  Your support is what allows this material to exist. If you are an LMFT, LCSW, LPC, CADC, or LAADC, you can also get CE hours through CAMFT or CCAPP included in your purchase.