Treating Adolescents

Course Name: Treating Adolescents

Course Subtitle: The Addiction To Intoxication

Presenter: Jon Daily | L.C.S.W., CADAAC II

Publisher: Wholehearted | Recovery Bookstore | Recovery Happens

Product Type: Professional Education | Continuing Education

Intended Audience: Substance Use Disorder Professionals

C.E. Information: Yes | 3.5 C.E. Hours

C.E.’S Recognized By: CCAPP | CAMFT

Included Media: Video Presentation | Downloadable Book

Video: 180 Minutes | Presented by Jon Daily

Book: 13 Pages | Full Color | Downloadable .PDF

Publication Date: 2019


This course provides an introduction to the special issues involved in treating adolescents with substance use disorders (“SUD”), based on the Recovery Happens Counseling Services approach developed by Jon Daily, LCSW. Jon’s 20+ years of clinical treatment experience has led to a highly effective approach to clinical SUD treatment of adolescents.

The topics addressed in this course include:

  • The role of attachment
  • The addiction to intoxication rather than a specific drug
  • The neurobiological basis of addiction
  • small-t and big-T trauma
  • The importance of family engagement
  • The “some drugs worse than others” bias problem
  • Factors increasing risk of SUD in teens
  • Attunement and its clinical importance
  • The crucial role of family
  • Practical strategies for working with adolescents
  • Family engagement strategies
  • The importance of drug testing as a preventative and as an “anti-peer-pressure” tool

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, the counselor will be able to:

  • Identify key differences between treatment of SUD in adolescents vs. adults
  • Explain the role of attachment in both cause and treatment of adolescent SUDs
  • Identify the key factor in affect regulation
  • Utilize alternative strategies to cultivate strong therapeutic attachment
  • Describe the difference between addiction to a drug vs. addiction to intoxication