Roland Williams, MAC
Master Addictions Counselor

Addiction & recovery expert | clinical consultant | author | trainer | speaker | wholehearted thought leader

Roland Williams is a Master Addictions Counselor, college lecturer, and consultant who has worked in numerous aspects of the addictions and mental health field, from founder and clinical director to curriculum author, for 35 years. He is a sought-after international speaker, clinical consultant, writer, and master trainer whose work has touched many thousands of lives and made profound contributions to the addiction treatment field.




Workbooks by Roland Williams

Master Addictions Counselor Roland Williams gives a comprehensive overview of how to help your clients prevent relapse before it happens. 

In this course you will learn

  • The importance of relapse prevention
  • The most proven and effective model used to treat addiction and prevent relapse
  • How to adapt your treatment approach to meet the specific needs of the client
  • The warning signs of relapse and how to respond to them

This course will enable you to develop a plan of action that will greatly reduce the risk of relapse for your clients.

Mandated clients present a unique series of challenges for you as a treatment professional. As such, they require a unique treatment approach. In this course, Master Addictions Counselor Roland Williams will show you the ins and outs of working with mandated clients so that you can lead them toward a successful recovery. 

Roland draws upon decades of experience working with mandated clients to share vital information and easy-to-implement practices. If you work with mandated clients yourself, we highly recommend this course.

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