About Wholehearted.org

Life is filled with challenges and opportunities. For many of us it can take decades to begin to understand ourselves and the world around us.  Wholehearted.org’s programs are developed to save you time. Our goal is to reduce suffering by encouraging personal growth, self-understanding, and awareness through quality content. Our Thought Leaders and contributors embody wisdom, philosophy, and practical skills that can help you gain focus, clarify, growth, healing, and most importantly, self-compassion.

Wholehearted.org has quickly become one of the most visible resources for understanding trauma and addiction through the lens of compassion and awareness. We are expanding our focus to serve a wider audience and now provide resources to individuals interested in wellness and personal development. Wholehearted.org distributes digital content to millions of people every month.

Wholehearted.org’s mission is to foster understanding, connection, and awareness.  Our organization specializes in connecting you to wellness, mental health, and lifestyle media. We offer memberships & courses for professionals and individuals seeking to learn and grow.  We are committed to bringing you quality education and entertainment through quality videos, courses, podcasts, and articles featuring  thought leaders, researchers, and other contributors.
The Wholehearted Contributors (Thought Leaders, Hosts, Authors, & Speakers) are incredibly generous and have worked with us to create high quality programs for you to enjoy. 
Wholehearted’s Founders have donated approximately $1,000,000 in resources to cover the cost of recording, producing, and distributing these programs. The founders are completely unpaid and volunteer their time. Wholehearted does not make a profit, nor do we want to. This resource is our gift to you. Most of our programming is free, and some is available at low cost. The funds are used to cover a portion of the enormous costs associated with techs, web services, bandwidth, production, and our small yet dedicated staff. We appreciate all that visit, watch, and share.
The founders are shy people and wish give anonymously for now. However, we are fiercely committed to our mission of growing Wholehearted into a powerful resource for everyone too benefit, learn, and grow.
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