Gabor Maté, MD

A Masterclass for Healers

A Masterclass Course | 6 Lessons | 6 CE’s | On Sale!

Mark Lundholm

Doing Good Group

3 CE’s | 60 Min. Video & 20 pg. Booklet

Practical Tools & Tips for Group Facilitation

Gabor Maté, MD

The Power of Connection

TJ Woodward

The Conscious Recovery Experience

EXPERIENCE | 12 Lessons

Gabor Maté, MD

Understanding the 5 Levels of Compassion

LESSON THREE | A Masterclass for Healers

Mark Lundholm

Family In Treatment

3 Lessons | 7 Videos (240 Min.) | A Must Have for Families New To Recovery!

Humor in Treatment: Using Humor to Support Recovery

Mark Lundholm

Humor In Treatment

3 Lessons | 3 Videos (90 Min) | A Must Have For Those New To Recovery!

Gabor Maté, MD

Exploring the Mind-Body Connection

LESSON TWO | A Masterclass for Healers


Treating Adolescents

A Masterclass | 4 CE’s | Understanding the Special Issues of Adolescent Addiction