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Conscious Creation

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The Conscious Creation Series highlights the key points from TJ Woodward’s latest book, Conscious Creation.

In The Conscious Creation Series, TJ Woodward guides viewers through an innovative 5-step process designed to help us overcome our core false beliefs — deeply-rooted assumptions we make about ourselves and the world around us — and to restore our faith in our inner wisdom before embracing and manifesting the life we want and deserve.

Conscious Creation is the culmination of many years of TJ’s personal journey toward self-love and acceptance, and provides a framework to change your life from a life of separation, fear, desperation and shame to a more meaningful life of love and purpose. 

When most people think of manifestation, they think of simply deciding what they want and then figuring out how to create it, using a vision board or other exercise. But even after manifesting everything they thought they wanted, many are still left feeling unsatisfied.

TJ proposes a much deeper, more transformative exercise. By becoming a blank canvas, you can tap into your inner wisdom and let it guide you.

  • Introduction: The M.O.V.I.E. Process

    • Conscious Creation Series
    • January 21, 2024
    • 16 Minutes
    TJ Woodward's Conscious Creation isn't just about manifesting desires, it's about deep inner transformation. Through a 5-step program, you'll shed limiting beliefs, reconnect with your intuition, and discover a life driven by purpose and love, not fear and desperation. It's not about simply getting what you want, but becoming who you truly are meant to be.
  • M: Making Peace With The Past

    • Conscious Creation Series
    • January 21, 2024
    • 12 Minutes
    Making peace with the past is the first — and arguably most crucial — step of Conscious Creation. Making peace with the past isn’t about forgiveness, which is deeply intertwined with preconceived notions about right and wrong, or good and bad. Instead, it’s a conscious decision to make peace regardless of what happened. It’s not what happened to us, it’s what we decided about what happened. Too often, we decide things about ourselves and spend the rest of our lives finding evidence to support that conclusion — creating a false core belief. Instead of letting go of our pasts, we must learn to live beyond our pasts and unlearn everything we’ve learned that keeps us feeling stuck. By first becoming a blank canvas, we free ourselves to paint an entirely new portrait of ourselves and the lives we want.
  • O: Overcoming Core False Beliefs

    • Conscious Creation Series
    • January 21, 2024
    • 11 Minutes
    We all come into this world as whole and connected beings, deeply connected to who we are—but life often chips away at our innate wholeness, limiting us and inhibiting us in ways we may not even be aware. We become increasingly bogged down by the lies we tell ourselves about ourselves — what TJ calls core false beliefs. To overcome our core false beliefs, we must explore where these beliefs originated, and learn to care for the version of ourselves that first decided that we aren’t worthy enough. By embracing our emotions — not suppressing them — we can begin to reclaim our true potential. The more you allow yourself to feel, the less those feelings will run your life.
  • V: Visioning

    • Conscious Creation Series
    • January 21, 2024
    • 11 Minutes
    Visioning is not visualization. While visualization asks “what do I want to create?” visioning asks individuals to look deeper and create a space to tap into their inner wisdom. By tapping into our inner wisdom and focusing on a bigger vision for our lives, we can find a purpose bigger than what we could have ever imagined, with a profound service to not just ourselves, but the world. When we say yes to our profound inner wisdom, we can open ourselves up to something so much bigger than we could have ever imagined.
  • I: Intention Setting

    • Conscious Creation Series
    • January 21, 2024
    • 12 Minutes
    It’s time to do something tangible — Create your intentions and put them on paper. Make sure they’re specific, measurable, and realistic — but a stretch. Give yourself a window of time in which you want to realize your intentions. Consider your perceived obstacles. What strategies can you use to overcome those obstacles? What can you do right now to put these strategies in motion? Find an accountability partner and check in with them regularly — consistency is the key to this step.
  • E: Embodying The Vision

    • Conscious Creation Series
    • January 21, 2024
    • 6 Minutes
    The final step in the process is to embody your vision. By aligning your energy with your desired outcome, you can program your subconscious mind to believe that it has already happened. This belief shift can contribute to taking actions and making choices that align with your desire, thereby increasing the chances of its manifestation. These steps are not just intended to help individuals create the life of their dreams, but also to be of maximum service to the world — fulfilling their highest potential and purpose.

More about TJ Woodward

TJ Woodward has spent more than twenty years developing and refining a unique, integrative approach to treatment of addiction and addictive behaviors. He is the founding minister of Agape Bay Area in Oakland, which was the first satellite community of The Agape International Spiritual Center in LA. He was ordained by Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith and Agape International in 2018.

The Conscious Recovery Method, finally released in 2017, is the culmination of his years of study, personal experience, and work with coaching and ministerial clients. Rooted in the understanding of underlying traumas that interfere with finding and cultivating our whole, perfect ‘essential self’, Conscious Recovery represents an integration of key elements from singular approaches, presenting a gentle and yet powerful approach to understanding and connecting with the whole self, and learning to let go of the wounds and other factors that get in the way of living full, authentic lives.

TJ’s approach to teaching is dynamic, entertaining, and inspiring. His deep compassion and understanding of those struggling with substance use disorders, combined with his gentle approach to exploring the underlying traumas that have led to the addictive behaviors provide a unique lens into understanding the individual and helping him or her to find true healing.

As an addiction treatment consultant, TJ assists programs in incorporating his multifaceted approach to treatment, yielding greater client satisfaction, better client engagement in treatment, and improved outcomes.

His professional trainings for substance use and mental health professionals provide windows into deeper personal understanding, and greater understanding, using the unique tools and techniques that TJ has created and assembled over his years of study and practice.


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