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A Three Lesson Series for Those New To Recovery

90 Minutes (Approximately 30 Minutes Per Lesson) | Filmed on Location with Live Audience | Recovery, Addiction, Comedy

Humor in Treatment: Using Humor to Support Recovery


Humor In Treatment features comedian & speaker, Mark Lundholm.  This is a powerful clinical program used in drug & alcohol addiction recovery.  This product is commonly used in clincial in-treatment settings as well as for home use. This product addresses many topics, but uses humor to break down the walls, shame, & denial surrounding substance abuse.  The program is presented in 3 separate parts.  The first part, Getting Here, the second part, Being Here, and the final part, Leaving Here. Each part’s material is specifically focused on phases of recovery while in treatment.


Wholehearted Publishing
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3 Videos | 90 Minutes Total (2010)
Recovery, Addiction, Treatment Centers
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Video 90 Minutes Total 3 Lessons
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Course Objectives

Described as the most uplifting 90 minutes ever spent in drug and alcohol rehab, Humor in Treatment is at once familiar, edgy, and ripe with optimism. As one program director says, Lundholm uses humor to disarm us … we see our pain and self-destructive behavior … and that we can progress to a new life. An indispensable tool for any counselor or client in a drug and alcohol rehab program.

From the illustrious comedian whose many credits include a Showtime Comedy Special, Comedy Central, thousands of addiction treatment center appearances, and Addicted . . . a comedy of substance — Zagat’s most highly recommended off-Broadway show — comes Humor in Treatment. The presentation is a must for anyone in recovery.

Mark Lundholm’s capacity to reach people through comedy is nothing short of miraculous. As one of the few comedians who has the ability to transform the truth about addictions into witty material, Lundholm has elevated the achievement to an art form. Funny, raw and inspiring, the Humor in Treatment series is one of the best addiction treatment tools around. This series captures Lundholm’s enormous talent in this three part series that supports today’s drug rehab program, and anyone else in recovery.

Lesson One: Getting Here
Mark talks about what addiction is, the decisions we make, and what it’s like starting treatment.

Lesson Two: Being Here
Mark discusses what happens in treatment, gives perspective to the process of healing, and helps us learn better choices.

Lesson Three: Leaving Here
Mark offers anecdotes and strategies for continuing success at home, staying with the strategies that keep us happy and healthy.