Healing Trauma & Addiction is a very special program that reflects years of collaboration between Wholehearted and Dr. Gabor Maté. Gabor draws upon over 30 years of experience as a physician, addiction expert, world-traveling speaker, and bestselling author to bring you a comprehensive overview of his most impactful ideas. Each moment of the Healing Trauma & Addiction program is packed with profound insights from Gabor, insights that change how we view ourselves, our environments, our upbringing, and our capacity to heal. 

By the end of this program, you will have gained a new outlook on human development, the root causes of illness and addiction, and how to address our traumas and wounds on a deeper level. You will see Gabor’s findings brought to life in real-life examples, and learn an expansive set of tools and strategies to heal yourself and your loved ones from common behavioral issues including addictions of all types.

The program is available to view as a video series through our Plus membership or you may enroll in the course which includes the video series, additional reading materials, and a certificate of completion. No membership is required to enroll in the course.

On this informational page you’ll find details about the program & Gabor Maté, video trailer, information on related professional & CE programs, program reviews, and purchasing details.

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Healing Trauma & Addiction

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  • Episode One: The Power of Connection & The Myth of Normal

    • Healing Trauma & Addiction Series
    • 67 Minutes
    Gabor weaves together the role of early childhood trauma, difficulties and stresses in the household, the wounds that parents carry and inadvertently pass on to their children, as well as societal and environmental stresses. Drawing on well-documented research in biochemistry, neurology, and physiology, Gabor ‘connects the dots’ in explaining how these factors influence us and contribute to asthma, heart disease, hypertension, diseases of the gut, cancers, addiction and more. He invites us to use curiosity to explore and understand ourselves and our clients, and through this new understanding, paints a path to begin making the fundamental societal change that can positively impact the next generation.
  • Episode Two: A New Look At Addiction

    • Healing Trauma & Addiction Series
    • 40 Minutes
    In this episode, we look at addiction and its impact on us, both individually and as part of a family or group of loved ones. Gabor’s approach to addiction requires thinking about ourselves and our experiences differently than we have in the past. Gabor introduces us to a new look at addiction and trauma.
  • Episode Three: Exploring Our Trauma

    • Healing Trauma & Addiction Series
    • 46 Minutes
    Gabor begins to explore trauma and how it affects us. By “us,” we mean not just the person struggling with addiction, but that person’s loved ones. And by “trauma,” Gabor is referring to particular traumas that happened to us early in life.
  • Episode Four: Understanding Generational Trauma

    • Healing Trauma & Addiction Series
    • 48 Minutes
    Gabor asks us to deeply examine how trauma is passed from one generation to the next. The experiences we have as children stay with us as adults. We heal, and we change our behaviors, only when we become aware of how our traumas have affected us.
  • Episode Five: Beyond Codependency & Victimhood

    • Healing Trauma & Addiction Series
    • 48 Minutes
    Gabor explains the concept of perception of self and others, and how our perceptions (and the things that formed them) influence how we experience the world.
  • Episode Six: Addiction: A Disease or a Developmental Condition?

    • Healing Trauma & Addiction Series
    • 32 Minutes
    Dr. Gabor Maté expands the discussion on how the desire to self-medicate discomfort drives addiction. We explore how early childhood experiences affect the development of impulse control and brain pathways that drive addictive behaviors. We then discuss how we break the cycle of addiction as it is passed down through families. But first we must fundamentally understand if addiction is a disease or a development disorder.
  • Episode Seven: Ending The Cycle of Addiction

    • Healing Trauma & Addiction Series
    • 30 Minutes
    Dr. Maté dives deeper into addressing what’s needed to support the healing of the person struggling with addiction. We look at the family and loved ones in that person’s life, and their roles. We revisit family relationships and codependency, and learn the practices that help heal the addicted brain. Gabor expands on learning longer-term steps to heal the harm that has come about (on all sides) as a result of the addiction and the underlying trauma that caused it.
  • Episode Eight: The Cure to Addiction

    • Healing Trauma & Addiction Series
    • 36 Minutes
    In the final episode we bring together the most important elements to attain long-term recovery from addiction. Gabor demonstrates how to cultivate a support system that helps to rebuild our brain pathways, the importances of readiness for recovery, and a review of some of the most promising psychotherapeutic approaches and additional tools that help achieve and maintain recovery.

Gabor Maté, Medical Doctor

Dr. Gabor Maté is an author, speaker and thought leader in the fields of addiction and trauma, well known for his research into the connection between mind and body health, and for his innovative approaches to treatment. Notably, he worked with patients challenged by drug addiction, mental illness and HIV in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside for over a decade. Throughout his career, he has been a passionate advocate for social change in the prevention and treatment of addiction.  Dr. Maté has partnered with Wholehearted.org to create and offer premium video education series for the public and healthcare professionals.


"Human development through the lens of science and compassion"

Why Learn About Trauma & Addiction?

Nearly all of us love someone that is affected by addiction, and many of us struggle with addiction ourselves. We have all experienced some level of trauma.

We all have unique experiences throughout our lives, and those experiences form our world view. It can be challenging to understand why we and our loved ones behave in certain ways and make the choices we do.

Although people are all different and our behaviors can be frustrating, they carry important clues about our trauma and highlight where we adapted our behavior to survive or escape suffering.  Although we are all unique, we share common experiences and behave in predictable ways. 

When you join Gabor in exploring this new perspective, you’ll learn to understand yourself and your loved ones better, by learning about how trauma and addiction are inseparable. Gabor walks you and your loved ones through this journey with kindness, compassion, and empathy. It's not as scary as you might think.

Through gentle exploration and understanding, Gabor will help you learn to heal yourself,  and, in so doing, end the pattern of trauma and addiction handed down from one generation to the next. You can be the one who breaks the chain!


Anyone who is interested in improving their understanding of addiction, trauma, and the behaviors that accompany this struggle.  This series is incredibly valuable and practical.

This series is packed with education, how to’s, and deep exploration into the origins of  trauma and addiction, and what you can do about it. Gabor compassionately walks you through this experience over 6 hours of video presentations delivered in 8 topic focused episodes.  This is the only program designed by Dr. Gabor Maté to specifically address trauma and addiction for you and your family. This offering is extremely unique, easy to follow, deeply engaging, healing, and appropriate for anyone interested in the topic of addiction and trauma. 

There is no prerequisite knowledge required, and you can watch and read the series as many times as you wish. Viewers consistently share that they learn new skills and understanding each time they rewatch the series.


Discover how trauma impacts our worldview, our behavior, how we see ourselves, and how we respond to others.
Learn how to heal and grow from your trauma. Understand and learn how to respond with compassion and mindfulness. Stop reacting with old behaviors that bring us more pain.
Understand how past trauma relates to your present behavior and can predispose you and your children to addiction, depression, codependency, and what you can do to heal from your trauma and break the chain.
Learn new ways to communicate with friends and family about addiction and trauma. Get past blame and shame and move toward compassion, understanding, and mindfulness.
Adopt valuable insights, techniques, and new understanding that can improve your life from your relationships with others to yourself, parents, children, clients, and career.

Plus Membership

  • 6 Hour Video Series
  • Entire Plus Library
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"This program aims to fundamentally change how you see your behaviors, addictions, and self concept. You will find more help, guidance, and self awareness in this course than in most resources available to the public. In fact, many viewers have said this program is more helpful than even years of therapy and traditional treatment... We specifically produced and created this course with the world renowned addiction expert, Dr. Gabor Maté, to bring his knowledge and experience directly to people that typically would not have access to quality treatment and resources. This series was an immense undertaking. Nothing else like it exists. We created and priced Healing Trauma & Addiction so that everyone has access to quality, compassionate, person centered resources and help"

- Wholehearted.org


GABOR MATE - A MASTERCLASS FOR HEALERS - Wholehearted.org - 16x9-T - YT
Available Now
8 Hours of Continuing Education
Gabor Mate - Healing Trauma and Addiction for Professionals - Wholehearted.org - 16x9-T
Available Now
8 Hours of Continuing Education


GABOR MATE - A MASTERCLASS FOR HEALERS - Wholehearted.org - 16x9-T - YT
Available Now
8 Hours of Continuing Education
Gabor Mate - Healing Trauma and Addiction for Professionals - Wholehearted.org - 16x9-T
Available Now
8 Hours of Continuing Education

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Wholehearted-Recovery Bookstore is approved by the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists to sponsor continuing education for LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, and/or LEPs.  Wholehearted-Recovery Bookstore maintains responsibility for all offered programs/courses and their content.


  1. Dirk van Motman says:

    Whilst Dr. Maté might be for a loss for words to describe how well this video course captures his learnings – I am overwhelmed and at loss for words for gaining so much and profound insight into myself and visibility of patterns/believes I did not even realize or refused to recognize. Whilst I have had no addiction of substance or other, I definitely relate to the co-dependency described and all involved with it. Gratitude that this has been made available to such a wide audience and to the special person in my life alerting me to this without knowing…
    Dirk van Motman

  2. Jason Kirkbride says:

    I’ve been wanting to take a course from Dr. Maté for a while now, but haven’t gotten around to it. My dad bought a course for me as a Christmas gift. So far, all I have watched is the preview. Already, I have tears in my eyes from realizing my own unconscious thoughts and behavior patterns… This information, knowledge, and understanding is life changing and I want to thank everyone who helped put this program together for allowing us to receive it.

  3. Kristi T. Smith says:

    grateful and honored to be apart of this course, love his work and wish i found him sooner!

  4. Fred Bell says:

    Extremely valuable content that distills the vast topic of addiction into a understandable summary with many practical suggestions and techniques to; examine one’s life, move past one’s addiction and to help others.

  5. Joyce says:

    Someone shared a Facebook post with me about this program. I didn’t know who Wholehearted.org or Dr. Gabor Maté was, but we have addiction in my family. The COVID-19 shutdown has wiped out our savings and we can’t afford therapy or treatment. I was honestly very skeptical about this course. It was on sale for only $49. I’ve taken online courses from other people in the past, most of them are hundreds or thousands of dollars, and usually not very good. My husband and I figured $49 was affordable enough that we could risk it… we didn’t expect much. We have now watched all 8 episodes three times. This is absolutely the best program on addiction and trauma we have ever seen. Nothing we have learned from past therapy or other online courses comes close to this. Dr. Maté is brilliant. We have learned so much, and have already noticed a huge shift in our thinking, communication, and hope for our future. Our relationship with our son has improved dramatically. I wish the whole world would watch this program. I’m excited to buy his books and to learn even more. Finally, to Wholehearted.org. I don’t know who you are, but thank god for the people that put this together. I have no idea how you manage to make this program available for only $49! I’ve seen programs for over $1,000 that don’t come close to the quality or value! My mind is officially blown! My family will be forever grateful, and we are looking at other programs you offer. Not only is the information incredibly helpful and life changing, but the quality is fantastic. It’s beautiful to watch and listen to. Sometimes it can be a little hard to understand Gabor when he mumbles but we noticed that the program has subtitles and they work perfectly when needed. To anyone out there that needs help. Look no further – this is the program you’ve been wanting for!

  6. Patrick says:

    I’m a long time fan of Gabor Maté. I’ve read his books and I’ve been fortunate enough to go two of his workshops. This new series is incredible!! It’s like the best of Gabor perfectly edited and presented. I’m very familiar with his work but the way this program has been put together, it’s given me a much clearer understanding and grasp of the vastness and depth of his work and approach. I initially purchased because I’m a fan and wanted to have the videos, but to my delight, I learned so much from this series. I thought I knew his stuff really well, but this series proved me wrong. My surface level understanding was brought to a deeper level after watching this. I can’t recommend this program enough! I was a little bit nervous when I first saw the announcement because I didn’t have a great experience with his older course, but after digging a little deeper I learned that this course is made by a real publisher called wholehearted and the older course is made by a lady named Sat Dharam Kaur who is apparently not associated with wholehearted. The older course is called compassionate inquiry short course. I signed up to it. I love Gabor but I was really disappointed. the compassionate inquiry short course is a crappy video recording of a workshop Gabor did a while back complete with technical failures and staff moving around on stage behind and in front of him and many of the audience interactions don’t go anywhere or don’t lead to anything profound and don’t even illustrate the point Gabor was trying to make. Then it discover that most of the “course” is actually Sat Dharam Kaur talking you through boring PowerPoint presentations in what looks like a basement or something. Whole thing was quite odd and disappointing. Also, that program is $350!!! I have no idea why anyone would sign up to that course when you can get this one for $49. It’s literally like a million times better and actually respects Gabor’s work. You can tell that the folks that made these courses with Gabor actually “get it”. Now that I’ve watched it a few times I start to noticed all of the subtle edits and how brilliantly this program was crafted. It’s like the producer was able to channel Gabor’s very best work into a non-stop-at-the-edge-of-my-seat experience. After I watched the final episode I felt a deeper sense of appreciation for Gabor as well as a huge sense of gratitude for the folks that put this together. Gabor’s work and message deserves this level of attention and quality. I really hope he does more stuff like this. I’m trying to decide which other programs I want to take from this site, but they all look so good – I wish I can take them all. I know Gabor will never see this – but THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS, and to the folks at wholehearted THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES OVER! I know you could be selling these courses for so much more and to see this level of quality for less than the cost of taking my family to see a movie is not only an incredible feat but also shows outstanding leadership and integrity. Personally, I think the compassionate inquiry course should be retired and all of the focus should go to Healing Trauma & Addiction. The world is a better place with Gabor and Wholehearted in it!!!!

  7. Colby Jackson says:

    I am a high school student and I was recently given a project about overcoming adversity. My father has struggled with addiction and it’s affected our whole family. He has been sober now for about 2 years. I wanted to write about addiction and recovery as a family for my project. Dr. Gabor Mate’s name came up a few times during my research. Then I saw this video series. I showed my mom and she decided to buy it for our family. My dad was concerned at first, because although he’s been sober he still has a lot of shame about his past choices. I think as a family we all had anger and shame. He’s sober but we don’t like to talk about any of it. Anyway, we started watching this series together. I’m only 16 but I feel like I’ve learned more about myself, my family, and about “life” in general during these 6 hours than anything else I’ve watched or read in my life. After the first episode we were hooked. We watched the whole series in 2 days. Then we watched it again. I’m now watching it 3rd time on my own. Our family is now talking about my dad’s addiction, and we ALL see out part in it. Our whole family needed to see our part and recognize that my dad wasn’t trying to hurt us or even himself, he just couldn’t handle the pressure. I thought I had forgiven him but I realized I was still carrying anger, shame, and blame. I always thought of compassion as pity, but through this series I learned so much. I can honestly say I feel more hopeful for my family and for myself as a human being. This should be required for every parents and child to watch. I have shared it with my teacher. A lot of adult think this stuff is too mature for kids my age, but this is exactly what we need. I learned so much more than just about addiction or trauma. I learned why people do what they do, and why I do what I do. I can’t imagine a greater lesson. I feel like a new person… I feel like I can think like an adult and invest in my own emotional health as well as my families. We have NEVER communicated and talked and shared with each other like we are now. I’m so glad I found this. If you’re reading the reviews and considering if you should watch this, stop reading, sign up now, this will change your life and your family for the better.

  8. Aishah Mattel says:

    Although painful in its clarity, I watched the contents of this course with great joy. ‘Healing Trauma & Addiction’ will continue to serve me as frame for recovery and my home base from which I hope to trigger healing in my original family and beyond. Thank you, Gabor Maté and everyone at wholehearted.org!

  9. Starwatcher says:

    I have been working as an addiction counsellor for 7 years in New Zealand. I have been a long time follower of Gabor’s work having read Realm of the Hungry Ghosts 3 times etc…..but this video series has helped my practice so much, really. I cannot recommend this enough. if you work with clients, buy this, watch it, absorb it and see your work and results improve and perhaps most importantly, learn more about yourself. Thank you so much Wholehearted and Gabor Mate, this stuff is priceless.

  10. Susan Jagminas says:

    I was first introduced to Gabor through a conversation he had with Russell Brand and I was hooked immediately. This course was very insightful and I’ll be watching it again and taking notes the next time. A lot of great insights that I hope to be able to carry with me for the rest of my life and maybe even share with others (if they are open to it).

  11. Pat Ewing says:

    What a incredible learning opportunity this is…With deeply profound content, and genuine compassion, this series has became a must watch for myself and recommended to those around me.

  12. Ben Bisset says:

    The Healing Trauma and addiction course has help me immensely. Before I took this course, I was addicted to many drugs, smoking, tv, xbox… I was depressed, I was a dependent, and I was hurting myself and loved ones. I was so consumed by my addiction that I had no clue the harm I created. I am now clean, conscious and aware of myself and actions. I now understand the trauma that caused my negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs that drew me to addictive substances and behaviours. I now have the tools to control and change these thoughts, feelings and beliefs. I have a pathway to live a happy, addiction free life.

    I greatly appreciate the work of Dr. Gabor Maté and Wholehearted.org

  13. Jordan Bargent says:

    Taking this course was the single best investment I have made for my own health in my life. Dr. Mate’s approach is so caring and non-judgmental. I have encouraged everyone I know to take this course. After completing this course and getting some help I have literally been able to stop needing to take medication for high blood pressure. Thank you, Dr. Gabor Mate! You have changed my life.

  14. Emma Guns says:

    Insightful and supportive for issues on co-dependency

  15. Nina Nam says:

    THIS IS REQUIRED. PERIODT. A must must must! Don’t even read any other reviews just buy it and share the knowledge. This is absolutely necessary content and worth every penny and many times more.

  16. Marifer LeonPaez says:

    Thank you!! This is so inspiring!! I´m trying to live with more compassion and coherence in my life . It has been easier instead of living with pain , shame and guilt. I ´m responding in different ways to my life, after watching this. So again ….Thank you…!! and Lots of love to Dr. Maté and Wholehearted!!

  17. Jessica Camp says:

    I saw AJ from Wholehearted speak at an online broadcast. He mentioned the term “Video Focused Programming” several times. It caught my attention. I signed up to two programs and completed one on Sunday and another on Monday. Wow! Wholehearted is the best online experience I’ve ever had for my professional development. I struggle with ADHD. Extensive readings and non verbal materials are very difficult for me to get through. These programs are video driven, engaging, and detailed without needing to read materials. I am extremely grateful to Wholehearted for publishing these programs in an inclusive format that allows individuals like me to benefit from amazing speakers like Gabor and TJ. For years colleagues have recommended his books. I struggle with a lot of shame when I hear this, because it’s so difficult for me to sit and read them. I have always felt judged or shamed by others in this field because I’m not a “reader”, but that does not mean that I don’t seek out many other learning opportunities. For this reason I typically attended conferences and workshops. Wholehearted’s video focused courses are better than anything I’ve seen in person. I cannot express how much your format has benefited me. Wholehearted is my go to resource for professional development and client resources. Discovering this resource is a blessing.

    PS I have seen many video programs with Dr. Maté. However, this program is extraordinarily better. Yes, it looks beautiful, but that’s not what makes it better. His delivery is spot on, the episodes are easy to follow, and the ordering of the material is superb. Extraordinary. Extraordinary. A million times… thank you!

  18. Ester Pulleman says:

    INCREDIBLE! Once I started I could not stop. I cried, I learned, I got angry, I healed… and finally I grew. This is… by far… the best production of Gabor Mate’s work I have ever seen or experienced. Every sentence can be life changing. I first learned of Dr. Gabor Maté through a friend who sent me his talk called Power of Connection. It’s one of my favorite videos. So I decided to go deeper into understanding my own trauma. Wholehearted gave me a scholarship because I can’t afford this right now. This is the greatest gift I have ever received.

    So many others in the “helping profession” will only do this for a fee or shame people into donating. I am poor and I am always made to feel like I am taking advantage. I tried to watch his documentary, but I felt uncomfortable after watching a 10 minute video of the film makers begging for $20 USD. Gabor speaks much about helping the poor, but seems like everything he does isn’t affordable. He must have sold a million books… why does he need so much money? Anyway, wholehearted is heaven sent. Finally I can learn from Gabor through an organization that isn’t in it for the money. They ACTUALLY care about people like me. Just knowing that there is a group out there like wholehearted gives me the strength to believe in my own self worth… enough to ask for access and enough to take a program like this. I cannot express how meaningful and life changing wholehearted is to me. Please take this program, they will help you if you can’t afford it. They helped me more than they will ever know.

  19. Susanne Nauroth says:

    This series is so powerful – I have to rewatch!
    While watching, I had many Aha! moments starting from my childhood to my adult life. The truth is so simple to be told, but we have to face it to embrace real change. I was afraid. I felt weak. I felt I was not good enough. The truth is, I burned out by “helping” others – making their trauma a part of mine. I tried to carry the burden of unresolved trauma from my family and my partner, instead of dealing with my own unresolved codependency & trauma. Thanks you!

  20. Barbara Scholl says:

    As a Child and Teen Hypnotherapist using Regression, I am fully aligned with Gabor Maté. The focus is not on the symptom – however on the causing event. I can recommend this video series to professionals as well as non-professionals. Amazing content. Gabor Maté makes this world a better one – and he passes on his knowledge withholding anything. My deep respect. Barbara Scholl, Zurich, Switzerland

  21. Sherie Kojtari says:

    Wow. I have written lots of notes written to reinforce all the great content, including live therapy walk-throughs by Gabor Maté with the audience. Eloquent is the word for this series of videos and content; To the point and simple to understand, Gabor has allowed myself an easy way to pinpoint not only the root cause of my painful struggles in my relationships, but, in a deeper sense, also allow me to free myself from the burdens of others by allowing all vested to take responsibility for ourselves in self-actualization.

    Thank you very much

  22. Julia says:

    Worked in a homeless hostel providing workshops and offering a different space to engage men and to see a positive self. Five years later I met someone who has become my friend and soul mate . I started to see addictive behaviours so I wanted to think hard about if anything I did was enabling and to challenge myself about my own narrative and to be clear about what my boundaries need to be to be able to give unconditionally, without judgement.

    There are takeaways throughout the course and ideas to explore with honesty.

    I now want to reflect on why my family experienced trauma and its impact on my childhood and in turn its impact on my children.

    Thank you .

  23. Verónica says:

    I loved! I appreciate the non-pathologizing look and the social, political and economic perspective that is often conspicuous by its absence in the academic and intervention fields. I was able to see addiction from a new angle and it was very gratifying to know that Gabor places such great importance on childhood injuries.
    Eskerrik asko!!!

    ¡Me encantó! Agradezco la mirada no patologizante y la perspectiva social, política y económica que muchas veces brilla por su ausencia en los ámbitos académicos y de intervención. Pude ver desde un nuevo ángulo las adicciones y fue muy gratificante saber que Gabor le da una importancia tan grande a las heridas infantiles.
    Eskerrik asko!!!

  24. Sue says:

    Thank you for this series. In addition to being a neurofeedback provider and understanding the basics of trauma from a brain functioning level, I also teach court mandated drug and alcohol education class. I often show segments of your videos and especially Episode Three with Lisa and Lupe to classes. The feedback is very positive and it helps many see trauma for the first time. I will be starting the Masterclass for Healers soon and am very excited. I have read Hungry Ghosts and When the Body Says No and recommend them to many. I just purchased Hold on to Your Kids for my daughter. Much looking forward to September release of Myth of Normal. Thank you.

  25. Nika says:

    In order to achieve an abundance of happiness in our lives, we need to be able to heal. Heal from our past traumas, that all of us have. Understanding our traumas and the origins of our habits and reactions, is so powerful and brings the change that we need to evolve. This course is splendid! I enjoyed watching it, i love listening to Maté and believe that he has an abundance of knowledge in this field. I’d advise everyone in the world to watch his videos and to listen and understand. To learn about ourselves is the only way to create progress in healing. Thank you for this.

  26. John Fletcher says:

    The content was friggin’ amazing. I am a bit fan of Gabor Mate’s work already, but the 8 videos really took the knowledge to another level. I did enjoy the quiz at the end to check my learning. It was nice to have something to check how much I retained.

    Content 10/10!

  27. Betsy Gibson says:

    Gabor Mate’s clear, succinct and informative course is essential for anyone wishing to learn about co-dependencies and how to take the blame out of addiction. For a master class in compassion combined with purpose and insight take in this series.

  28. Christine says:

    The individual course on healing trauma and addiction was incredibly helpful. There are many ways that I will be able to use and share the information both personally and in my role as clergy. I especially like the invitation to go back and relook at the videos, share them with family. For me this may mean inviting a bible study group to sign up and play with the resource. Thank-you.

    You did not waste one moment of my time. You did not offer something you could not deliver on. You did engage, encourage, model the very work you want us to develop in our own lives. Thank-you.

    You were hopeful, you were authentic, you were grounded… even funny. Thank-you.

    Your personal commitment to making this available at a reasonable price is what I would call, in my profession, an offering or an example of tithing, each session an opportunity to worship or lift up another truth. Thank-you.

  29. ENSEMBLE says:

    We have used the subscription to provide support to family members whose loved one uses substances; for training for new staff coming on board; and also to inform nursing/social work practicum students about trauma and how we strive to provide trauma informed care. Just yesterday I was doing a presentation to a class of Social Work students and also mentioned Dr. Mate’s expertise and insight into trauma informed care.

    The programs are very helpful and informed the work that we do in the community – we currently provide needle distribution service, an overdose prevention site, one-on-one case management; counseling; and access to a nurse practitioner. We are planning to open an Injectable Opioid Agonist Treatment program in the coming weeks. Our focus is to support people who use substances to stabilize their lives, meet them where they are at, and facilitate access to services they may wish to secure.

    Thanks for the opportunity to use this very valuable resource.

  30. Jennifer M. says:

    I am a social work student about to graduate with my BSW, and moving onto my MSW schooling this summer. I intend to specialize in complex trauma and addiction as a therapist, and this short seminar proved greatly impactful to me in regards to a completely different way of looking at substance use disorder. My heart was so full after watching this series. I only pray that I can mirror what I have been taught here, so that my patients can feel the genuineness and compassion. Because of this content, I spring for the Compassionate Inquiry course and am already halfway through it. Much love for your approach! I used your CI resource in the finishing touches of my research paper on complex PTSD. May we all have a bit of Gabor in us when we’re helping these individuals, think of what a beautiful world this could be.

  31. Michelle says:

    As an educator, who is pursuing counselling psych, I see the need for understanding trauma in our schools. More teachers need to hear this. Thank you.

  32. Brian says:

    Simply incredible. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and helping me to understand the root cause of so many of, not only my problems but a beginning in the way of understanding on how to help others.

  33. Laraine says:

    This mans insight into trauma is simply exceptional. For the fact that I have been lucky enough to be able to watch these videos I am truly grateful. Thank you.

  34. Silvia says:

    I just finished the video course on Healing Trauma & Addiction and want to express my profound gratitude to dr. Maté and the people who made this course possible. Thank you for bringing so much hope and light to matters painfully present throughout my life and many other people’s lives.

  35. Karma says:

    I just completed watching The power of connection, a new look at addiction and exploring trauma. Thank you Dr. Mate! I learned a different view on addiction and I am so thankful for the courses.

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