Matt Butler

“Redemption and hope through song sums it up when I think of Matt Butler” says Kevin Lyman, the founder of the legendary Vans Warped Tour, who hosted Butler as one of the few solo acoustic acts on the Tour’s final cross country run in 2018; Matt was back as a mainstage performer at the Warped Anniversary show the following year. In the time before and after, Butler’s been relentlessly on the road performing at everything from stadiums to state prisons. Butler’s latest single ‘Been Gone So Long’ is a hauntingly sparse acoustic lament ripped straight from the experience of performing over 150 shows in correctional facilities across the United States. Butler has been no less active during the quarantine and recently released a short documentary film titled ‘Mother’s Day Miracle’ in conjunction with The Just One Foundation, a 501c3 non profit he founded in 2018. The film has already reached thousands across social media and a subsequently launched fundraiser met its goal of $10k in only 4 days. Butler was also a featured performer for the UnCancelled Music Festival as well as a panel speaker for the 320 Festival, the world’s first virtual mental health summit. His latest single, ‘Justice or Mercy’ is scheduled for a June 19th release.


Connect With Matt Butler: https://biglink.to/MattButler

Just One Foundation + ‘Mother’s Day Miracle’ short film: http://j1foundation.org/

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